first post for 2014.

as u can see my post title above, this will be the first post for 2014.
i know it has been more than half a year and im feeling awkward while typing this but oh well hello there.
i had to save my older posts as draft bcs of my unmature way in expressing something
and yes rasa nak tergelak nak bash diri sendiri pun ada lol. so here it is, new style of me in writing blog
(baru lah sangat) (tepuk tangan sikit)

in less than a month i will become 17, in less than two months i'll be facing SPM and i'll be leaving school soon. very soon. and its getting nearer. i didn't study much for my SPM and im totally screwed up. im dead. yes. however, what im gonna say is i've been experiencing so many things in my life eventho its not that totally much but i know this little thing would make up my mind to always be wise walaupun kekadang perangai budakbudak tu taknak hilang

recently, i've been observing people around me. not just my family, friends but also people who are involved in social-network. i am happy to see some them who are getting better with their life now compared with their previous life and i'm really glad to see that. but i really can't stand with judgemental people. i just can't. yes its a normal thing to judge on something but that doesnt mean u can just express it without thinking other people's feeling. i found this one account on Instagram. he's a guy and i really like to read his caption. its not bcs of his geli-geli style punya ayat, but the way he puts his words is kinda inspiring me and what really amazes me is hes a lawyer. so of course me as a future lawyer (insyaAllah, pls doakan) would like to know a lil bit about his life. the best part is, he had never show his face on Instagram which really attracts me tho hahaha

but then until one day, which is today he had to post a picture of him. i was really shocked
(like seriously punya shock) when i saw it.

im not on his side or anyone's side, but what he said is all true. his last word was undeniable true.

"Reality sucks. Look does matter."

people nowadays put their appearance as their priority. they do it to please everyone and not to get judged by people. but trust me, no matter how hard you try to not let people judging you, it won't work. i dont see any wrongs for what this guy did before. dia cuma tak tunjukkan muka je kot, is that really bothering you?? he has his own right what he want to do with his life. same goes to other people. we all have our own rights to do and to live. we live to ensure that we're satisfied with our lives before we go to another world (kehidupan lepas mati) but not to pleased everyone. society people today are all being judgemental including me yes i cant deny that. we also dont have any rights to judge or bash or anything that related just bcs u're not "satisfied" with someone. unless that people did something really wrong, only then u can interfere but IN A PROPER WAY. nak bertegur pun ada adab, kita orang melayu buat cara orang melayu yang berbudi bahasa. im saying this not bcs im good enough but to make it as a reminder for me as well. nobodys perfect kan? imagine if u are in his position, what would you do? it wouldnt be a guarantee for you to make a wise decision like what he did, rite? luckily he's a guy. kalau perempuan, i can't imagine how would it be like. 

serious aku kata manusia dah gila. even small things, you can make it become the-biggest-world-problem ever. yes i know im only 17 but these kind of things make me realizes that you will never get to satisfy everyone. baik mana pun kau, people will still searching for your wrongs. aging doesn't determine that you can judge people just like that. eventho you're older or you think you are better than them, but not all things that you are doing right now are all true. so please people, stop judging. i kinda hate to live in this world where people keep on bashing each other just to humiliate them or i dont know what's their reason for doing so. i'm writing this post emotionally, yes hahahaha. i'm not really a good person, but i do have rights to give my opinion. no hate.
thank you.


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