after so long.

first, i changed my link blog from to a new one (the current link that you can refer above) i just had to bcs i felt like my old link blog is too childish walaupun diri sendiri still childish but hey i am no longer a high school student and i'll get into a university soon insyaAllah. so i decided to change the link sebab nanti bila masuk U, people might ask "hey u have a blog?" "yes." "can u gimme the link?" "*state my old link blog*" and they'll be like WHAAAAAAAAT lagipun people can move on kan so why shouldn't I? (tetibe haha)

i think im being too obsessed to be a lawyer. and this kind of obsession has started since i was in form 3. tengok ah skrg, link blog lawyer header blog pun gambar lawyer mcm takde keje lain dah. i dont know whether this is a good thing or not bcs i really dont have any backup plan for my future if i cant further my studies/career as a lawyer. sigh. but one thing for sure, i know Allah has planned everything for me rilek brader rilek.

lets move on to the next topic......SPM 2014. to be honest, i was freaking scared to death when knowing that SPM will start tomorrow which is on Monday (hari Ahad tu baru nak sedar mana tak pengsan) few days before SPM starts, i started to lose my hope not literally but almost. i was having sore eyes at that time memang teruk tahap teruk punya and boleh beat mata pontianak bcs it was really merah semerah merahnya. most of my friends and teachers asked me to wear shades all the time but i refused to. can u imagine, u will be like the only person who wear shades in school yg takde cahaya mentari langsung and people will look at you weirdly and that will forever be a NO. so things goes on until Sunday (a day bfore spm) we had tuition at school and my BM teacher saw my eyes. she said that i wont be able to take exams with other students bcs of my condition at that time.
i cried hahahaha but luckily nobody see it. i really dont want to take exams in quarantine room bcs there will only be me and the pengawas.
me and a pengawas.
a pengawas.
and that will be so awkward and i will surely couldnt concentrate. at that night, masa solat i prayed to Allah to heal my eyes bfore exam starts. it may sounds impossible lagipun memang dah tawakkal sangat sangat time tu. and guess what? mata still tak sembuh lagi until the 3rd day of SPM ha ha ha ha and i decided to force my parents jumpa specialist (since the whole family kena skali except my brother) and our conditions were quite teruk. but alhamdulillah everything has been doing fine and my eyes became better few days after we went to see the pakar. i swear this year has been really tough for me and luckily i managed to answer well walaupun ramai membantah pasal Maths questions including me lulz. the conclusion is, don't take it too easy if you're not feeling well. just straightly go see the doctor to avoid it from becoming worse *put peace sign here*

less than a month ago, on 18 November 2014, seniors of Sri Ayesha Islamic School are finally graduated! (i dont know what to write anymore) (too lazy to write)

Al-Khawarizme 2014 (complete)
boys (from left): Amin, Zafran, Haziq, Amir, Nuaim, 'Ammar, Arshad, Ariffin, Syamil and Faris
girls (from left): Anati (me), Hidayah, Maryam, Atiqah, Sakina, Amira, Nurin, Ainol, Anis, Hannah and Khadijah

girls of Al-Khawarizme 2014. 
yang terselit belakang tu buat peace tu and bayang-bayang tengah berlari belakang tu sedang berlakunya kecelaruan jantina buat sementara waktu. p/s: siapa yg kahwin dulu tu, jangan lupa bagi invitation card *cough*

oh btw dont forget to watch our class video!